Mepro operates in a 10-step plan, in close collaboration with the client.

1. Inventory Phase
In a personal discussion we explore your needs and the possibilities.

2. Engineering Phase
Mepro defines (if necessary) the technical specifications.

3. Selection Phase
Our team in China or Romania will discuss the assignment with our regular or specially selected suppliers.

4. Budget Phase
Based on specifications, quantities and other requirements, a detailed itemized budget is set.

5. Pilot Phase / Prototyping
After approval of the estimate, a prototype (or several prototypes) is created and submitted for approval.

6. Production Phase
After approval of the relevant prototypes, production starts up.

7. Control Phase
During production our employees in China and Romania check the production process on manufacturing specifications, quality and progress.

8. Assessment Phase / End Control
After production and prior to shipment, our staff in China and Romania will conduct stringent quality checks.

9. Transportation Phase
Mepro is responsible for shipping to the Netherlands, including all paperwork and customs formalities. During transport, the client is kept informed on the progress of the shipment.

10. Delivery Phase
After clearance of these products, they are delivered in deliberation with the client or temporarily stored in our warehouse.